Knee Injuries


A guide to Lateral Collateral Ligament Injuries

A lateral collateral ligament (LCL) is one of the major ligaments found in the outer part of the knee which attaches the outer part of the thigh bone found at the knee, femur, to the outer side of the shin bone, tibia, to ensure knee stability.

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Can I wear a knee support while playing football?

Knee injuries are one of the most common injuries in football and can be caused from crunching tackles or the fast-paced cutting and turning manoeuvres carried out by players. So, to be more confident in your joints stability and to get back on the pitch as soon as possible many people will wear a knee support.

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Get Your Donjoy Armor Fitted In Time For Skiing 2018

TweetIt’s that time of year again, the ski season is approaching, and you find yourself once again dusting off your ski boots, and getting ready to hit the piste. Skiing is an adrenaline fuelled, difficult and dangerous sport, and that’s why we love it. Unfortunately injury comes with the territory and one of the most common complaints amongst skiers is anterior knee pain, this is caused by damage to the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL). A tear to the ACL does not have to mean the end to your skiing holidays,... Read More


Iliotibial Band Syndrome

TweetWhat is Iliotibial Band Syndrome? The Iliotibial band (ITB) experiences friction as it passes over the femur bone, back and forth over the epicondyle (bony bit on the outside of the knee). When the knee bends at around 20-30 degrees the IT band experiences the greatest friction. This is about the range where a runners knee is bent and the foot hits the floor, making this condition fairly common in runners. Symptoms of ITB syndrome include pain on the outside of the knee which is worse running downhill and often starts at... Read More


Knee Injuries and the Female Athlete

TweetKnee injuries, particularly damage to the anterior cruciate ligament, are most commonly seen in female athletes. This has been observed more in recent years, possibly as a result of the increase in popularity and participation levels in women’s sport. Increased participation has heightened appreciation of health and medical issues specific to the female athlete. Studies comparing male to female susceptibility to injury of the ACL have shown women to have considerably higher rate of injury. Studies have shown that ACL injuries occur roughly 4 times as often in sports such... Read More


Patella Tracking

TweetMost often, the patella will shift excessively towards the outside of your leg, however, in some cases although less common; it is possible for it to shift towards the inside. The knee joint is a hinge which connects the tibia and fibula of your leg with your femur. The kneecap is held in its natural position via ligaments on its sides and tendons on its top. In the underside of the kneecap, a layer of cartilage helps the patella glide along the groove situated at the end of your femur.... Read More