Neck and Head Injuries


Concussion – If in doubt, sit them out

TweetSport plays a key role in keeping us fit and healthy, with team sports providing a host of additional benefits including social interaction and, instilling discipline and teamwork in young people. As with in life in general, however, accidents and collisions can occur in contact sports – with head injuries commonplace in sports such as football, rugby, hockey and many others. And while rules are in place in such sports to protect players from head injuries, collisions are inevitable in contact sports. It is vital that all who participate in... Read More


Eye Injuries

TweetEye Abrasions All eye injuries are potentially serious the eye is one of the most delicate organs in the human body. The front of the eye is extremely sensitive and abrasions can be very painful and irritating. If the cornea (eyeball) is scratched it is vital not to rub the eye as this can cause further damage. Causes Bumps Head clashes Foreign body in the eye such as sand or grit Knock to the eye such as a branch flicking into the eye Symptoms Tears Blurred vision Increased sensitivity or... Read More


Wry Neck

Tweet What is Wry Neck? Wry neck usually occurs as a result of sudden quick movement of the neck causing the disc in the neck to slip out of place. This can be whilst heavy lifting, bending, of twisting or of the neck. Wry neck can also occur as a result of overuse injury from poor posture, excessive craning of the neck forward in activity, slouching and lifting. Facet Joints are found in the back which help support the weight and control the movement between the individual vertebrae of the... Read More


Whiplash Injury

Tweet SUMMARY Causes: Sudden quick movement of the neck Heavy lifting Poor posture Symptoms: Severe lower neck pain Inability to move the neck Pain felt most in the morning Pain may spread to the shoulder and arm Headaches Treatment: RICE method Rest Physiotherapy Stretching and strengthening exercises Maintaining good posture What is Whiplash? When a patient suffers whiplash they are likely to feel severe pain in the lower neck and top of the at the point of injury. This pain will usually accelerate when activity is resumed and can spread... Read More

Cauliflower Ear

Tweet SUMMARY Causes: Repeated injury to the ear caused by friction or impact Common in contact sports such as rugby boxing and wrestling Symptoms: Pain in the ear at the point of injury Swelling and bruising of the ear Ear appears deformed and abnormal Loss of hearing and disorientation from strikes to the ear area Treatment: Application of ice Anti-inflammatory medications Draining of blood through the ear Compression dressing Antibiotics What is Cauliflower Ear? Cauliflower ear occurs as a result of trauma to the ear causing disruption to the blood... Read More

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Head Injuries in Sport

TweetHead InjuriesAll Head Injuries are potentially serious so it is important to assess them carefully. Head Injuries can cause impaired consciousness which is a state anything less than being fully conscious. Somebody can be fully awake(conscious) or completely unresponsive to any stimulus(unconscious) or they could be at any level between the two. The brain is composed of soft tissue in a hard rigid skull and any disturbance to its normal activity such as the brain being shaken inside the skull can affect a patient. Remember the ambulance service are always... Read More