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Best Knee Braces for Horse Riding

Injuries are part and parcel of taking part in sport, and those who ride horse will know exactly how hard the sport can be on your knees. The logistics of horse riding make protecting your knees difficult, such as the tight fit clothing and the need for a complete range of motion.

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cbd and drug testing (Will you test positive?)

cbd (cannabidiol) is taking over the world’s market for natural wellness remedies. It has been suggested that cbd could be used to benefit a number of different issues and help maintain and support an active lifestyle. However, with so much growing support for the use of cbd for athletes, there’s fear of cbd and drug testing, especially in the sporting world.


A Guide to Knee Brace Hinges

Choosing the correct knee brace can be a difficult process, with a lot of technical language and five different types of hinges available on braces, its understandable to need some guidance on choosing the correct knee brace.   

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Should I be using tape?

Have you sustained an injury recently and are you unsure of whether or not you should be using tape, there are a number of benefits of using tape, but you must be fully aware of the injury you have sustained before applying any tape.