What First Aid Equipment is needed in cricket?

The start of the cricket season is just around the corner, meaning that first aid cover will be required at cricket grounds all over the country each weekend. But what first aid equipment is required to provide effective care and support.

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What to keep in your Bum Bag on matchday?

Injuries can happen at anytime and will vary from simple and quick fixes to more serious issues, but to combat the need for fast and effective assistance physiotherapists, especially in rugby will use a bum bag to carry supplies and keep both their hands free.

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Can I wear a knee support while playing football?

Knee injuries are one of the most common injuries in football and can be caused from crunching tackles or the fast-paced cutting and turning manoeuvres carried out by players. So, to be more confident in your joints stability and to get back on the pitch as soon as possible many people will wear a knee support.


Pain Relief Product Guide

When it comes to treating pain there are multiple options available rather than traditional hot or cold therapy. So, what are the essential items that teams, clinics or individuals can use to most effectively treat pain.


Why you need to use Resistance Bands in your workout

These popular pieces of training equipment are flexible bands available in a range of shapes, sizes and colours all providing a differing level of resistance. When it comes to versatility and value for money, not many other pieces of equipment come close to resistance bands.

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What do I need in a First Aid Kit?

Playing sport has many benefits, but when it doesn’t go to plan and injury strikes, we reach for a first aid kit, quite often there will be little time to treat the injury at hand so a well organised and well stocked first aid kit is essential.