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Hand Wrap for Boxing & MMA

The reason which fighters wrap their hands is obvious, it protects their hands. Hands are made up of several delicate joints and bones which can be easily damaged when training or competing. The wrap is used to stabilise the delicate bones and joints and prevent movement when punching a bag, a pad, or a person.


Lincoln City Goalkeepers, Hand Wrapping

TweetHere at Firstaid4sport we have been supporting our local club Lincoln City Football Club for many years. Recently we had a chat with Goal Keepers Paul Farman and Ross Etheridge, to find out how he wraps his hands for matches. When it comes to Goal Keepers, we know that they all use various tapes on their hands and fingers, however, there is no rules, guidelines or recognised methods on how this should be done. So we asked Paul Farman and Ross Etheridge what tape and technique they both use. From... Read More


Ankle Inversion Sprain Taping Tutorial

Tweet A sprained ankle is one of the most common sports injuries and is also the most frequently re-injured. In the majority of cases the ankle rolls inwards (inversion) under the weight of the rest of the body, resulting in damage to the ligaments on the outside of the ankle. An ankle sprain refers to the tearing of the ligaments of the ankle and account for approximately 40% of all athletic injuries. 85% of ankle sprains occur on the outside (lateral side) of the ankle and are known as an... Read More

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How to fit the Donjoy Armor

Tweet There is no doubting that the Donjoy Armor is an amazing piece of kit is invaluable for ACL injuries. However, it can seem awkward to fit at first. This video takes you through the fitting process that you would go through if you booked a fitting with us. This video covers: How to measure before you order Putting on the brace Checking the fit of the brace Ensuring that you have a correctly fitting brace will mean that it provides the maximum protection for your knee and the surrounding... Read More


A Day in the Life of a Sports Therapist

Tweet Check out what Callum Davidson gets up to during his pitch side duties! All equipment purchased and supplied by us! You can find some of the taping methods that Callum uses in our Taping Guide.

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Preparing to Ski – Episode 1

Tweet With the ski season just a few weeks away (I am sure you are counting down as much as we are), it is not too late to improve your ski specific fitness in time for your holiday. One of the most influential factors in skiing related injuries is a lack of fitness and conditioning. Avoiding injury is not only achieved by the safety equipment that you wear(although we definitely advocate the use of helmets), it in fact starts at home with the preparation that you do in the run... Read More