Firstaid4sport Taping Guide – Shoulder Dislocation Taping

Shoulder Dislocation Strapping


  • 5cm |EAB//CSTRAPING320|
  • 2.5cm Leukoplast |Zinc Oxide Tape//CSTRAPING270|
  • |Adhesive Spray//PMU20090|

Limits shoulder range of movement thus protecting someone with weak ligaments or frequently common dislocations.



First spray the adhesive spray around the shoulder to allow a firm fixing for the tape.

Apply the Leukoplast from the base of the nipple going over the shoulder and attaching on the scapula.

Repeat this step twice more, taping slightly off the previous line.

Apply the Leukoplast around the bicep as an anchor.

Next apply an “X” shape from the anchor up to the original piece of tape going from the front of the bicep to the back of the shoulder, and then from the back of the bicep to the front of the shoulder.

Repeat the ‘X’ taping on the shoulder at least twice more. Note that the more tape you apply the less range of movement the person will have.

The apply a strip of from across the top of the shoulder, going down the arm diagonally and then around the bicep in one movement. Do this twice to increase stability.

Fix everything down with a couple of anchors on the original taping line going from the nipple to the scapula.

Switch to the EAB and apply a strip from the middle of the chest over the shoulder, then under and behind the bicep and round – similar to the wrap 2 steps back, only this time continue across the back.

With the EAB around the back continue on under the oposite arm pit and round across the chest.

Go around the back once more, under the armpit again, half across the chest and up over the shoulder and around the bicep – following the line of previous steps.

Using the Leukoplast zinc oxide tape, secure the EAB in place on the bicep.

Now secure the EAB on the chest with zinc oxide.

Finish by securing the back and shoulder with more zinc oxide, extra can be applied if the EAB seems unsecure.