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British Heart Foundation petition to teach lifesaving skills in schools

Tweet After the shock of Fabrice Muamba collapsing on the pitch last month, the British Heart Foundation have teamed up with The Sun to campaign for young people to be taught Emergency Life Support (ELS) after CPR saved the footballers life. The campaign, which currently has over 100,000 signatures on their petition, aims to bring ELS training as a compulsory part of the national curriculum with the BHF stating “ having Emergency Life Support (ELS) skills should be as important as learning to read and write”.   This campaign has... Read More


Prevention is better than the cure – Interview with Beeston Hockey Club Physio

Tweet After my recent visit to Beeston Hockey club, I decided to delve further into the realms of the sport by investigating the types of hockey injuries that commonly occur. There are approximately 1,050 hockey clubs across the UK, who all actively encourage new people to start playing the game. Schools and universities also have teams and are great ways to start your hockey journey. Participating in the sport is relatively inexpensive and equipment can often be borrowed from clubs. It is a team game, which provides social interaction and... Read More


FirstAid4Sport and Beeston Hockey Club join forces

Tweet FirstAid4Sport are delighted to announce a renewed sponsorship deal with Beeston Hockey Club. The deal sees the Lincoln based company providing tailor made first aid kits for the 2013/14 season. The kits and medical supplies will be used in the England Hockey Premier League, the Euro Hockey League and the England Hockey Indoor Premier League. FirstAid4Sport have worked alongside Beeston Physio Michael Whichello, to develop a personalised first aid kit for the team to use. Michael said, “I’ve been quite lucky really, working with the company to have what... Read More

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Sports Injury Myths Busted

Tweet When it comes to sports injuries, it’s amazing how many myths, half truths and fabrications exist. Although many of these myths are simple misunderstandings, when it comes to your health and safety it’s important that you don’t pick up bad habits and end up causing yourself damage as a result of not knowing the facts. So we’ve scoured our inboxes and the net for some of our favourite and top asked questions to bring you the facts! No pain, no gain? Many of us believe that a good exercise... Read More


Strapping & Taping Guide

Tweet Strapping and TapingStrapping and Tape should only be applied by those who are trained in there use.There are different types of Strapping and Tape and the application of these range from simple to very technical.To put it into perspective the application of a stretchy bandage to reduce swelling on a simple injury can have a positive healing effect.But the application of the wrong Strapping or Tape on a complicated injury could cause permanent damage.Only the trained can distinguish between the two sorts of injury.Physiotherapists and Sports Medicine Professionals are... Read More

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Sports First Aid Training

Tweet First Aid Training in Sport is now becoming an integral part of running a club or team. Until recently Sports First Aid Training was based loosely on the lines of First Aid at Work but has now begun to develop in it’s own right. There is no law of the land (statutory regulation) to provide First Aid at normal amateur Sports Events like there is to provide First Aid cover for someone at work. There are laws with regard to First Aid provision at Stadiums, professional events and where... Read More

Sports First Aid Kits

Tweet Accidents will happen. Everbody knows that it is important to have a first aid kit handy whether you are at home, at work, on holiday or pursuing a leisure activity. The nature of sports injuries is that they can be minor or very severe. Also the nature of sports injuries is that it is often difficult to distinguish between minor or severe injuries unless you are trained to spot the differences. This means whatever First Aid products are provided there should always be somebody in attendance who is trained to use the First Aid... Read More


Mental Healing – How to cope with an injury

Tweet Although we talk an awful lot about the healing process after a sports injury, something we’ve never touched upon is the mental side of injuries – the psychological way we cope with injury and the effect our mental state can have on healing. An athlete can react in numerous different ways when an injury occurs which can range from anger, sadness, denial and even depression. What is key to effective healing is the promotion of a positive mind set to allow the athlete to cope allowing them to become... Read More

Rugby Guide

Tweet Rugby Guide Rugby is a fantastic high energy contact sport which sees its fair share of injuries. Knowing how to treat them, and treat them correctly is going to prove invaluable to your team members. The RFU (Rugby Football Union) do not publish a definitive guide to Medical Care Pitchside but have a basic advice area in their community section which states: “Everyone involved in rugby has a role to play in making the game enjoyable and above all as safe as possible. Those who hold a coaching position or... Read More


Hockey Guides

Tweet England Hockey like many Sports Governing bodies have difficulty in outlining specific requirements for Medical Care pitchside.The level of First Aid provided is dependent upon the training of the person administering the First Aid so it is very difficult for them to define what should be provided. Firstaid4sport provides products for all levels of First Aid Training starting with a wide range of HOCKEY FIRST AID KITS The serious hockey injuries are a result of a player coming into contact with the stick or the ball. Cuts, scrapes and... Read More