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Turf Toe

Tweet SUMMARY Causes Sudden impact to the toe Playing on hard, artificial surfaces Excessive bending and stretching of the toe Ill supporting shoes Symptoms Sudden pain in the big toe Sometimes a ‘popping’ sensation is felt on impact Pain and swelling in the toe when bending or stretching Swelling and bruising Treatment RICE method Taping and strapping techniques Anti-inflammatory medications Footwear inserts or insoles Rehabilitation exercise What is Turf Toe? Turf toe occurs as a result of excessive bending of the big toe causing a sprain to the ligaments in... Read More

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

Tweet SUMMARY Causes Overpronation Fallen arch (flat feet) Previous injury i.e. ankle sprain causing compression of the nerve Underlying health issues such as diabetes or arthritis Symptoms Burning pain in the foot arch, heel and toes Pins and needles sensation Numbness Treatment RICE method Rest Bracing and supports What is Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome? The space located on the inside of the ankle next to the ankle bones is known as the tarsal tunnel. The tunnel comprises of a thick ligament which maintains the soft tissue and nerves. Tarsal tunnel syndrome... Read More

Broken Metatarsal

Tweet What Is A Broken Metatarsal? A broken metatarsal is a broken bone in the foot. The metatarsal bones are the group of five long bones in the mid/front of the foot which connect to the toes. These are numbered first – fifth metatarsal starting with the big toe. A metatarsal stress fracture comes as a result of a sudden force to the bones which can be common in contact sports such as rugby and hockey, or more commonly these can be as a result of overuse which is often seen in... Read More


Tweet SUMMARY Causes Ill fitting shoes and clothing Long walking/running events such i.e. marathons Damp feet Symptoms Redness over the skin Fluid filled ‘bubble’ like mound appearing on the skin Soreness Treatment Blister plasters and dressings Lubricating gels (i.e. petroleum jelly) Properly fitting shoes Multi-Layered socks Soft clothing What are Blisters? The main cause of blisters is friction being applied to a specific area of the skin causing irritation and a build-up of either serum or plasma under the skin. Blisters can also become filled with pus which is usually... Read More


Firstaid4sport Kinesiology Taping Guide App

Tweet The most comprehensive FREE kinesiology taping guide Firstaid4sport and Rocktape bring you THE comprehensive guide to Kinesiology taping. This app features kinesiology taping applications suitable for almost every injury, so you can heal faster, train harder, and be at your best. Kinesiology tape is a widely used type of strapping which has a unique level of stretch, and a “wave” patterned adhesive. When applied to the body, kinesiology tape lifts the skin away from the soft tissue beneath allowing better blood flow to the area, and improving drainage. This... Read More


Firstaid4sport Taping Guide App

Tweet Tape up like the pros Firstaid4sport show you how the pros tape up a sports injury and stay in the game with this comprehensive Taping Guide. We are proud to introduce our first ever app, designed to show the taping methods used to support and relieve a variety of sports injuries. Watch Sports Therapist Chris Swallow show his taping methods in HD video and read the detailed step-by-step guides directly on your iPhone or iPod Touch when you need it most – at the pitch side, the court side... Read More


Ligaments v Tendon Injuries

Tweet How do you know if you have damaged your ligament or your tendon? Well to be honest the reason there is such a confusing overlap of what is what and where, is because the two are very alike. The simplest way to put it is that tendons attach muscle to bone and ligaments attach bone to bone. Sounds simple enough right? Well, the problem most people have is distinguishing between a ligament injury and a tendon injury due to their symptoms being very alike. So in order to understand... Read More

Wrist Injuries

Tweet Injuries of the wrist are hugely common in sports. Hockey, lacrosse, winter sports, golf, racquet sports are all common culprits of the wrist injury and unfortunately if you play one of these sports and others, you are likely to sustain injury in some point in your sporting career. The most common injury to the wrist is a sprain or partially torn ligament as a result of over stretching. Overuse injury as a result of continually putting added strain on the wrist is also a very commonly seen injury of... Read More


Work injuries can ruin your sport

Tweet We enjoy playing our favourite sport but unfortunately once the fun is over we go back to our 9 to 5’s and sit in our office looking forward for the next kick-about. Here at Firstaid4sport we are the sports injury know-it-alls. We can tell you all about how to prevent injury in rugby, keep out of harm’s way in football and avoid breaks and bruises in hockey, but the fact is that most sports enthusiasts across the UK are amateur – local sports teams and clubs who meet up... Read More

In the Spotlight – Women’s Rugby

Tweet Lou Micklewright, of the moody cows, spoke to me in depth about the increased participation, recognition and support that women’s rugby is getting. We discuss everything from injuries to input in the women’s game. Check out my interview with Lou here: How has women’s rugby game evolved since you first started participating? Women’s rugby is becoming far more professional with every season that passes. Women in the game are becoming huge role models for younger girls who are getting into rugby as well as being role models for their... Read More