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Check out the Firstaid4sport Taping Guide – Now online

Tweet Following the success of our Taping Guide App (available for free on Google Play and iTunes), we have now made the entire taping guide available on our website and YouTube. The guide features over 40 step-by-step instructions and videos showing a wide range of sports taping techniques, organised by body part for easy navigation. The taping in each video is performed by Chris Swallow, Sports Therapist for Crystal Palace FC. Chris also offers step by step commentary of the techniques making them easy to follow, as well as a... Read More


Battle Ropes as a workout tool!

Tweet Long gone are the days when the only way to work out was to lift weights such as barbells or dumbells. More and more fitness equipment is now available, widening your workout options such as kettlebells, weighted sledgehammers and battle ropes. Functionality seems to be the key to workouts now, and with the rise of Mixed Martial Ars, many are turning to training methods employed by these athletes to improve stamina, strength and endurance for all round fitness. Among these methods is the battle rope, which although nothing new,... Read More


Barefoot Running

Tweet Humans have been running long distances for millions of years whether to catch prety or fight wars, yet the running shoe is a relatively recent development, only being designed in the 1970s. There are those who argue however, that the running shoe rather than prevent injury, can actually increase our risk of injury by causing us to land in an unnatural position over and over again. So is the multi-billion pound industry of the running shoe nothing but a money spinner and should we all go back to the... Read More

You can’t outrun a bad diet…

Tweet Most people looking to lose weight follow the simple formula of eating less and exercising more in order to burn more calories than are being taken in. A recent editorial published in The British Journal of Sports Medicine has argued that a bad diet is a lifestyle cause of obesity, but that a lack of exercise is not however, and suggests that “physical activity does not promote weight loss”. The research, conducted by Dr Malhotra et al, argues that while obesity has increased dramatically in the last thirty years, there... Read More


Sports Stars and Alternative Medicine

Tweet Sportsmen and women will break, strain, pull, twist and tug pretty much every bone or muscle in their body during training and competition, and preventing and managing injury is part of everyday routine for athletes. Some athletes go for the conventional options such as ice baths, physiotherapy and western medicine to treat their strains and sprains, while others take a more holistic approach, employing less traditional and more alternative approaches. Ian Poulter last week instagrammed himself receiving acupuncture feeling like a “pin cushion” as part of his lifestyle and... Read More

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Our interview with the world record holder for the Longest Plank

Tweet Danish Fitness instructor Tom Hoel has regained the world record for holding himself in a “Plank” position. Tom held this gruelling fitness position for an incredible 4 hours and 28 minutes, beating the previous record by 2 minutes. We managed to get in touch with Tom and he kindly answered a few questions for us. Hi Tom! Congratulations on the record from all of us at Firstaid4sport and thanks for taking the time to talk to us! Can you tell us a bit about your background? Who is Tom... Read More

Money or Morals? World Cup 2022

Tweet Ever since the awarding of the FIFA 2022 World Cup went to Middle Eastern country Qatar, a number of concerns have been raised both in terms of the suitability of Qatar as a host nation, as well as the fairness of the bidding process. Recent stories of Nepalese workers who have been denied leave to attend the funerals of relatives killed in the recent earthquake, coupled with allegations of inhumane conditions and regular deaths of those involved in construction have made Qatar 2022 possibly the most controversial World Cup... Read More

Summer Skiing

Tweet   Winter may have dragged on this year, but as things get a bit warmer round here it gets more difficult to keep that skiing bug going throughout the summer. Skiing doesn’t have to be limited to the November-April season though, there are plenty of other options available. Here in the UK there are a growing number of indoor skiing facilities, as well as the dry-slope options. There are a total of six real snow slopes around the country, located in Braehead, Castleford, Tamworth, Milton Keynes, Hemel Hempstead and... Read More


Red Bull gives you…heart problems?

Tweet Whether it’s as a way of getting through a long shift at work, or partaking in a cheeky jagerbomb at the bar on a Saturday night, most, if not all of us have at some point in our lives drank an energy drink. Energy drinks have become a multi-billion pound industry, yet regulations on the products remain largely unchecked. Studies are now starting to show that the consumption of energy drinks can actually alter the way your heart functions, and in severe cases, trigger sudden heart attacks in apparently healthy... Read More


Can football learn from rugby’s respect for referees?

Tweet Chelsea may have won the premier league but they have the worst reputation for disrespecting officials and are regularly criticised for this according to Football Association Fair Play delegates. We’ve seen it happen countless times in both amateur and professional football – players crowding round referees intimidating and trying to influence their decisions, generally showing a lack of discipline and respect. Contrast this with rugby however and we see a very different attitude towards the officials by the players. Can football learn a thing or two from rugby, or... Read More