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Head Injuries in Sport

Tweet Head Injuries in Sport Head InjuriesAll Head Injuries are potentially serious so it is important to assess them carefully. Head Injuries can cause impaired consciousness which is a state anything less than being fully conscious. Somebody can be fully awake(conscious) or completely unresponsive to any stimulus(unconscious) or they could be at any level between the two. The brain is composed of soft tissue in a hard rigid skull and any disturbance to its normal activity such as the brain being shaken inside the skull can affect a patient. Remember... Read More

FIRED UP – Work your glutes to prevent injuries

Tweet In todays working enviroment and the increase in technology we have become more seditary, doing less manual jobs and spending more time sitting down infront of computer screens. How many of us that have these kinds of jobs suffer from chronic back and neck pain and struggle to lose weight even though we train hard and keep active? If this sounds familiar the answer to your problems may lay in correcting your posture rather than pounding the treadmill! Being sat down for eight hours or more a day not... Read More


Goal Line Technology in Football is inevitable

Tweet Hawk-Eye and Goal-Ref are the two technology solutions that have been selected to go into further testing. The Hawk-Eye camera based system is actually being tested during the non-league Hampshire Senior Cup Final between Eastleigh FC and AFC Totton on 16 May which will be the first ever football match to implement goal-line technology. Unfortunately the findings will not be available to the match officials so it won’t have any bearing on the game. Lampard’s disallowed goal at last World Cup vs. Germany Hawk-Eye will involve placing 12 cameras at... Read More

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Competition winners meet the Leicester Tigers

Tweet The day started with an introduction with the chairman of the team Simon Cohen from which they had a tour of the facilities in the grounds, met with the team and had the chance to watch them in action as they trained, a truly once in a life-time experience for the winners. One of the main highlights of the day for was the chance to hold the LV= Cup which the team won just a week before. Michael Davison, managing director of Firstaid4sport said “I really can’t believe how... Read More


Stay safe and warm this winter

Tweet Temperatures dropping, poor weather conditions, icy roads and the general lack of preparation we seem to have in this country – yes winter can be a tricky time of year with injuries probable. We’ve come up with some top tips for staying safe this winter. Keep warm Obviously with winter comes the cold temperatures. As well as extreme conditions like hypothermia and frostbite, generally your body uses up more energy to keep you warm in winter which can leave you feeling run-down and drowsy. Wearing more layers of clothing,... Read More


Lets talk about the weather.

Tweet It’s 30 September 2011 and the “S” word is already starting to echo around the Firstaid4sport office. We may finally be getting the summer weather that never was right now, but predicts a big change soon. A spokesperson said today: “I expect the most frequent and heavy snowfalls to occur across many parts of the UK during November, December and January.” With earlier reports suggesting record-breaking snowfall as soon as 3 weeks from now, we could be in Winter Wonderland before we know it! And you know what... Read More