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Tennis/Golfer’s Elbow Taping Guide & Video

This arm taping technique can be used to comperes and unload the flexors and extensors or pronator origin points and reduce pain relating to golfers of tennis elbow. This taping guide requires one type of tape and has one step. 


Five steps to prevent back pain

Millions of people in the UK suffer from back pain and it will affect each area of their life from work to playing sport. When back pain strikes people will rest and avoid any unnecessary movement, however, keeping mobile through gentle exercise can be beneficial in preventing and managing back pain.


Pain Relief Product Guide

When it comes to treating pain there are multiple options available rather than traditional hot or cold therapy. So, what are the essential items that teams, clinics or individuals can use to most effectively treat pain.


What is Rufus’ Road Trip?

Our very own Rufus Bear left the office this week to go on a well-deserved holiday. You’ll be seeing regular picture and updates of where Rufus has been and what he got up to, but what exactly is the story behind Rufus’ Road Trip?


5 Steps to diagnose a knee injury

There are many types of knee injuries, seeing a physiotherapist can help identify and treat the injury, here are five simple steps that a physiotherapist may take to determine if your suffering from osteoporosis or a knee injury.    


Top tips for running in the rain

With January over many people are counting down the days until summer, however we can still expect some rain between now and then. So, if you’ve taken up running this new year then we have some tips for running safely in the rain.