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How to fit the Donjoy Armor

Tweet There is no doubting that the Donjoy Armor is an amazing piece of kit is invaluable for ACL injuries. However, it can seem awkward to fit at first. This video takes you through the fitting process that you would go through if you booked a fitting with us. This video covers: How to measure before you order Putting on the brace Checking the fit of the brace Ensuring that you have a correctly fitting brace will mean that it provides the maximum protection for your knee and the surrounding... Read More

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Which is the best knee brace for skiing?

TweetOnce you ski, you either love it or hate it. Those that love it would do anything to keep going year on year and buy anything to keep them on the slopes all day, every day. Speak to any skier and most will tell you they stopped skiing because they tore their Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL). Commonly felt as a ‘pop’ when the lower leg twists causing too much strain on the main ligament holding it in place. Well DonJoy have a knee brace that will allow you to ski with... Read More