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Kinesiology Taping Guide App

Firstaid4sport and Rocktape bring you the comprehensive guide to Kinesiology taping. This app features kinesiology taping applications suitable for almost every injury, so you can heal faster, train harder, and be at your best.


Making the most of your Kinesiology Tape

TweetKinesiology Tape, when applied correctly, should last 5 to 7 days, so unfortunately, there will come a time when you need to be brave and remove that tape, just like pulling off a plaster. Sometimes activity and movement can loosen the adhesive and the tape starts to peel at the edges, other times the tape is reluctant to move. Here’s some tips to make  removal as quick and pain free as possible. Before you tape: Choosing the right tape. We offer a range of different kinesiology tapes, and it is... Read More

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Knowing Your Tapes

Tweet Here at Firstaid4sport we sell a tape for every sport. However, how do you know which tape is suitable for what job? We have put together this helpful guide to highlight the different types of tape that we sell, and how each one could be utilised to help you. Kinesiology Tape This is often known as kinesio tape, and is recognisable as the bright coloured strips of tape often seen worn by top athletes. When applied correctly, it lifts the skin to create a small space between the muscle... Read More


7 Reasons why we Love Kinesiology Tape

TweetKinesiology tape is one of our most popular products, however, you may be thinking what actually is it? Or, how can I use it? Keep reading to find out; It is proven to work – kinesiology tape has had significant research done to prove that it accelerates the healing process for a range of injuries, from trauma to inflammatory conditions. Durability – Kinesiology tape is so durable that it can be left on for up to five days. Meaning that you can reap the rewards of its therapeutic benefits 24... Read More


What is Kinesiology Tape?

TweetHave you seen all that bright tape on sporting athletes? ever wondered what it does? Kinesio tape is a highly specialised therapeutic tape designed to facilitate, inhibit and promote lymph drainage. Its properties can be utilised to optimise rehabilitation and encourage ‘good’ movement patterns following injury or pain. The tape can be applied with different tensions to target the areas required. The Research • It improves the brains position sense awareness (proprioception) • It can reduce pain • It can reduce swelling, inflammation and bruising • It allows Physiotherapists to... Read More


What is Kinesiology Tape?

TweetYou may have seen these brightly coloured tapes branded across athlete’s bodies – Kinesiology tape is a breakthrough technique for sports injuries and rehabilitation which helps to reduce recovery times and improve fitness levels. Kinesiology tape is widely used type of strapping used to take pressure off injured and overused muscles. The difference with Kinesiology tape is that, unlike the traditional taping techniques which involve wrapping the tape around the joint, Kinesiology tape is placed the body in different patterns allowing it to pull different degrees of tension in the... Read More