Wrist Pain

TweetWrist pain is often experienced through discomfort in the wrist or upper hand area and is commonly caused by a number of injuries, including sprains and/or fractures. Carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis and repetitive motion can also lead to wrist pain. Although small, the human wrist is made up of eight bones, alongside, ligaments, tendons and tissue. All of these components within a relatively small structure means that the wrists can be easy to damage, which could cause not only pain but also limited use of the wrist and hand. A... Read More


Knee Arthritis (Osteoarthritis)

TweetWhat is arthritis? Arthritis is a condition characterised by a degenerative process whereby there is gradual wear and tear to the cartilage and bone surfaces of a joint with subsequent inflammation. Arthritis of the knee may occur following a specific injury or due to repetitive impact through the knee joint, beyond what it can withstand over a period of time. In a normal knee, joint surfaces are smooth and there is cartilage between the bone ends which allows for efficient shock absorption and smooth movement (see healthy knee x-ray). Knee... Read More