Making the most of your Kinesiology Tape

TweetKinesiology Tape, when applied correctly, should last 5 to 7 days, so unfortunately, there will come a time when you need to be brave and remove that tape, just like pulling off a plaster. Sometimes activity and movement can loosen the adhesive and the tape starts to peel at the edges, other times the tape is reluctant to move. Here’s some tips to make  removal as quick and pain free as possible. Before you tape: Choosing the right tape. We offer a range of different kinesiology tapes, and it is... Read More


To Tape or not to Tape?

TweetAre you unsure when you should and shouldn’t be using tape? If so then you are not alone. So here at Firstaid4sport we have put together this helpful guide to aid you in deciding when to tape and when is best to avoid taping. You may already be aware of the benefits associated with using sports taping techniques on injuries. Tape can offer a great level of support and protection whilst remaining great value for money, making it a popular choice for many people. However, in order to gain these... Read More


Zinc Oxide Tape – All you need to know

TweetHere Firstaid4sport we sell a lot of taping products. However, it’s no secret that zinc oxide tape is our favourite kind of tape! But why I hear you ask? Well here is your guide to what Zinc Oxide is, and how you can use it. Zinc Oxide is a rigid cotton sports tape, characterised by its strong zinc oxide based adhesive. It is used by athletes and physio therapists alike to strap up injured joints where a degree of rigidity is required. For example, depending on the technique used, zinc... Read More


What is Kinesiology Tape?

TweetYou may have seen these brightly coloured tapes branded across athlete’s bodies – Kinesiology tape is a breakthrough technique for sports injuries and rehabilitation which helps to reduce recovery times and improve fitness levels. Kinesiology tape is widely used type of strapping used to take pressure off injured and overused muscles. The difference with Kinesiology tape is that, unlike the traditional taping techniques which involve wrapping the tape around the joint, Kinesiology tape is placed the body in different patterns allowing it to pull different degrees of tension in the... Read More