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Donjoy Fitting Center

We are pleased to announce that we have now become an official fitting centre for the DonJoy Custom braces. The DonJoy Defiance Custom Brace is made bespoke to your knee and provides an outstanding amount of support for all ligaments. The added features of the brace makes it ideal for sports including skiing, motocross, horse riding and many more. The measuring is a simple and quick process and once measurements are passed on to DonJoy your brace will arrive from America within 7-10 days. If you require a fitting for a custom brace then please get in touch to book an appointment on 01522 875252.

The DonJoy Defiance Custom Knee Brace

  • Made to measure
  • Lifetime limited warranty on frame and hinges
  • Low profile, slim design
  • Lightweight carbon fiber frame


Aggressive eccentric contractions of the quadriceps produce significant anterior tibial translation and can injure the Anterior Cruciate Ligamant (ACL) or permanently stretch out the ACL graft i.e. strong movements of the thigh muscles can cause the lower leg to slide within the knee joint. Additional studies show quadriceps-intensive activities should be avoided at joint angles, particularly the last 30 degrees of extension, when strains are at a maximum, so if you do an activity where your knee is slightly bent you put more strain on the ACL. DonJoy has developed a tool to address maximising ACL and ACL graft protection in these “at risk” positions.

Small knee flexion angles at initial contact during landing tasks may contribute to ACL injuries. The FourcePoint hinge can be used to control joint range-of-motion by increasing the knee flexion (Bending)angle during landing to result in a decrease of anterior shear force on the ACL by 9-13 percent.

The DonJoy FourcePoint utilises a spring mechanism in the hinge to apply gradually increasing resistance during knee extension (straightening). The resistance engages in the last 25 degrees of extension (relative to the extension stop).

Three adjustment settings on the hinge allow for varying amounts of resistance to meet the specifications of the doctors’ protocols and the patient’s comfort. The hinge may also be turned “off” for no resistance or “on” for resistance.

The resistance serves three critical roles:

  1. First, it reduces the time spent near full extension or in the “at risk” position.
  2. Second, it increases the posterior load applied by the brace on the tibia to prevent anterior tibial translation (because it pushes against the back of the calf the lower leg cannot slip within the joint).
  3. Third, it eliminates the extension shock felt when a patient extends into a 10 degree standard rigid stop.

FourcePoint hinge technology works to enhance DonJoy’s Four-Points-of-leverage design by damping knee joint extension, which improves the mechanical performance of the brace and reduces shear forces at the knee. Addressing the “at risk” position, the hinge resistance engages in the last 25 degrees of knee extension.

The FourcePoint hinge combined with the Four-Points-of-Leverage cuff and strapping design provides a more comfortable brace that reduces anterior shear forces at the knee. Decreasing anterior shear forces at the knee are beneficial for patients by reducing strain on the healing ACL graft, providing stability to an unstable ACL deficient knee or prophylactic use.

Once you’ve been measured up you will get a massive choice on how to customise your brace, from colours, gradients and patterns. Including Add-ons such as a neoprene or Lycra undergarment, Impact guards for your shins and knees (great for motocross) and various Padding kits for increased comfort.