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Freeze Spray and Heat Spray

Pain, inflammation, sprains and swelling requires rapid relief, so make sure your first aid kit is fully stocked with freeze spray and heat spray.  Both of which offer instant results for sore, overworked or cramping muscles, perfect for on the spot medical attention.  Heat spray can also be used before exercise as part of a warm-up where a previous injury has occurred, whereas freeze spray is best used to treat an injury, and should continue to be used until all swelling has subsided, up to 72 hours.  For alternative hot and cold therapies take a look at our hot and cold packs or cryotherapy treatments including cryo cuffs and cryocoolers.

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Freeze Spray vs Heat Spray - When should I use them?

Here at Firstaid4sport, we are often asked when to use freeze spray and heat spray.  As a general rule, we find that using freeze spray for pain is the most beneficial remedy, as it reduces swelling and inflammation. Freeze spray is most effective in the first 72 hours following an injury and can then be applied every few hours.  

Heat spray, however, can be used as both a remedy and preventative.  It’s warming qualities are great for use during warm-up as it can prevent muscle tears caused by overstretching.  Plus, heat spray can also be used as part of injury recovery, helping aching muscles when the swelling has subsided.