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Mueller Netball Braces and Supports Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow occurs when the soft tissue or muscles at the back of the forearm responsible for extending the wrist and fingers, become inflamed or damaged. We have selected a range of elbow supports which will treat tennis elbow symptoms, and protect against future tennis elbow flair-ups.

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As its name suggests this injury is very common in racquet sports such as tennis, badminton, squash etc. due to the nature of the repetitive wrist extension against the resistance of a racquet and ball and also the repetitive gripping of the hand on the racquet causing a strain on the soft tissue. Although its name suggests, this injury is common in any situation which requires repetitive motion of the elbow including painting, brick laying and even knitting. Although this injury is considered an overuse injury, it is possible to acquire tennis elbow suddenly after a high force or heavy lifting or gripping is undergone. Find out more about tennis elbow with our Injury Guide.