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Sports First Aid Training

First Aid Training in Sport is now becoming an integral part of running a club or team. Until recently Sports First Aid Training was based loosely on the lines of First Aid at Work but has now begun to develop in it’s own right. There is no law of the land (statutory regulation) to provide First Aid at normal amateur Sports Events like there is to provide First Aid cover for someone at work. There are laws with regard to First Aid provision at Stadiums, professional events and where large crowds gather. But for the sporting public such as a Mini Rugby Club, Sunday Football League, netball team or Trampolining club there is no statutory obligation. That does not mean you should not provide it. Sports Governing bodies are aware that stipulating provision of First Aid Kits is a dangerous area as the use of First Aid products is dependent on First Aid Training , incorrect use could result in litigation. Sports Governing bodies are acutely aware that the correct provision of First Aid at any event can reduce the long term effects of an injury, can bring relief to pain and discomfort and in the extreme can save lives. The Football Association in conjunction with 1st4Sport have now started to put together a First Aid for Sport training programme which means Sport now has a recognised First Aid qualification that is slowly being rolled out. 1st4sport Qualifications is a brand of Coachwise Ltd, the trading arm of The National Coaching Foundation (known as sports coach UK), the UK-registered charity leading the development of coaches and the coaching system in the UK.1st4sport Level 2 Certificate in First Aid for Sport (L2FAS)1st4sport Level 2 Certificate in the Treatment and Management of Injury in Sport (L2TMI) 1st4sport Level 3 Certificate in the Treatment and Management of Injury in Football (L3TMI)   FA ones First Aid for Sport The Football Association Emergency Aid Course The FA Basic Treatment and Management of Injuries Course The FA Intermediate Treatment and Management of Injuries Course Diploma?????

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