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Zinc Oxide Tape

Zinc Oxide tape is a non stretch cotton or rayon tape with a Zinc Oxide Adhesive. The Eurotape is the most basic tape, the adhesive is not the strongest but suitable as long as you don't stick it then want to move it, it is a "One Hit Wonder" and this is shown in the price - perfect for using tonnes of it during all your training sessions. Firstaid4sport Zinc Oxide is one that we like so much we have put our name on it! It is more sticky than the Eurotape and again it is meant for volume, it is also now available in the most popular team colours, Firstaid4sport Coloured Zinc Oxide. The quality of this tape is very good, it has a smooth unwind and serrated edges to make it easy to hand tear. Mueller M-Tape is an American Brand, the adhesive is a little stronger still and it has the advantage of coming in your Team Colours.

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Zinc Oxide Strapping

We also have a premium range of Zinc Oxide Strapping, a lot of people know the brands Strappal and Leukoplast as the adhesive on these is very strong. We have sourced our own and called it Firstaid4sport Premium Tan Zinc Oxide but with all of these different adhesive Zinc Oxide Tapes essentially the more you pay, the stickier and stronger the tape is (although not always necessary!).

Boxing Hand Tape

Boxing Hand Zinc Oxide Tape used in conjunction with our Firstaid4sport Pro Wrap Gauze with its unique width stretch to allow flex in the knuckles and keep the hands safe when participating in boxing and MMA sports.