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Thigh Supports & Groin Supports

Don’t let an injury get in the way of your favourite sport, opt for a thigh support or groin support and stay in the game. Easy to wear and fully adjustable, these supports offer comfort and a firm yet flexible hold, perfect for runners, cyclists or footballers.  Thigh and groin supports can ease pain and swelling however if you are looking for a little more then take a look at our full range of supports and braces which cater for all injuries and rehabilitation needs.

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Groin and Thigh Supports - what's the difference?

When suffering from a groin or thigh injury it can be extremely painful, but don’t let it stop you.  We are here to help. We have a choice of supports available, all of which offer flexibility while maintaining the right level of compression.  A thigh support can be used to treat and prevent thigh and hamstring injuries, whereas a groin support helps the groin area and can also prevent sports hernias.  As always, it’s important to choose a support that's tailored to your needs so be sure to seek medical guidance if you’re in any doubt.

Common injuries that would require an thigh support or groin support:

Hamstring strain - This happens when there is a tear to the tendons or large muscles at the back of the thigh.  It’s a common injury among athletes and tends to come in 3 grades. Grade 1 is a mild muscle pull or strain.  Grade 2 is a partial muscle tear. Grade 3 is a complete muscle tear. All of which can be treated with the use of a thigh support.

Groin strain - This is an injury that occurs on the inner side of the thigh as a result of the abductor muscles tearing.  It’s quite common among athletes who carry out sudden movements including running, jumping and twisting as part of their physical activities, it is especially common for footballers.  For this type of injury, we recommend a groin support.

Sports hernia - This is different from the traditional abdominal hernia as it occurs in the groin area.  It is extremely painful and is a result of sports that require sudden movements such as a change of direction, twisting and jumping, similar to above.  Therefore we recommend a groin support as a preventative or recovery aid.

Further thigh and groin pain relief:

As a further support to the surrounding groin muscles, we recommend using a groin tape.  This pre-cut kinesiology tape is quick and easy to use and a single application can last up to 5 days.