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Knee Supports and Knee Braces

Which knee support should I choose? With such a huge range of knee supports it can be very difficult choosing the correct one. We have categorised our supports into Low, Medium, High and Ultimate level groups to help you make the correct choice for your knee injury. A Low Level Knee Support has no rigid parts or stays. These knee supports simply offer compression and help with circulation. Medium Level Knee Support has metal or plastic stays which support the knee. High Level Knee Support utilises solid metal stays with a hinge at the pivot point of the knee. Ultimate Level Knee Support has a solid metal cage or stays which can reduce the range of motion of the knee. If you have pain specifically above or below the knee cap, possibly caused by patella tendonitis or runners knee, have a look at our range of Knee Straps and braces for running. Also, check out our in depth article called Help Me Choose A Knee Support where we answer common questions on knee injuries and advise the best support for your needs.

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Knee Supports and Knee Braces for ACL, knee pain, arthritis, running and many more.