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Shin and Calf Supports

Struggling with a calf injury? Relieve pain from sore muscles and shin splints with a calf support from Firstaid4sport. Designed with comfort in mind, the contoured structure fits comfortably around the calf area so whether it’s injury prevention or injury recovery, we are here to help.  We also stock calf stretchers which are great for rehabilitation, flexibility and preventing calf strain. Or perhaps you’re looking for a quick fix? Then take a look at our hot and cold therapies where you’ll find many remedies including freeze sprays and heat sprays for on the spot relief.

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Shin supports and calf supports - what's the difference?

When suffering from a calf or shin injury, it can be quite debilitating so in order to make a speedy recovery, it's important to get the right level of support.  We have a choice of supports available, all of which offer flexibility while maintaining the required level of compression. A calf support can be used to treat or prevent further injury to the back of the leg and calf area, whereas a shin support protects and relieves damage to the front of the leg (tibia) and surrounding shin area, a particular complaint of runners.

Calf support or calf stretcher board?

A calf support is made from flexible fabric (quite often neoprene) and has a contoured fit that is designed to fit around the calf and tibia, which is great for keeping you active.  Whereas, a calf stretcher board is a static piece of equipment that is used as part of rehabilitation to help stretch out the calf muscles. Particularly helpful when recovering from an Achilles tendon injury.

Common calf and shin injuries that would require a support:

Calf muscle tear:  This commonly occurs when there is a sudden change in direction or increase in running speed.  The severity is usually graded from 1 to 3, ranging from mild overstretching (1) to a partial tear (2) to a complete tear (3).  We recommend using a calf support for added comfort, warmth and compression.

Shin splints:   Occurs when there is pain to the shins or front of the lower leg.  It is usually caused by exercise and is repetitive load bearing injury to the shin area.  Appropriate care is required to avoid it developing into a stress fracture, therefore we recommend a neoprene shin support as this retains heat, therefore, stimulating blood flow to the area to speed up the healing process.

Further calf and shin relief:  

For instant pain relief, take a look at our extensive range of hot and cold therapies including heat and freeze spray, ice packs and cryotherapy treatments including the calf cryo cuff.