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Shoulder Supports

A shoulder support is a fantastic aid for recovery as it helps to restrict movement by adding compression to the affected area.  Here at Firstaid4sport we have a wide range available with everything you need from neoprene supports, slings and shoulder braces from leading manufacturers.  Choosing the right shoulder support is crucial to the recovery so whether its post fracture, a mild sprain or arthritis, we can help. Or for on the spot relief, try our freeze sprays and heat sprays which will help to ease the initial pain.

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Shoulder support, shoulder strap, sling or stabilizer - what's the difference?

When faced with a shoulder injury, it can be painful and sometimes hard to know which support is best. This is where we come in. With pain management being high on the list of priorities, we have carefully selected the best supports for a speedy recovery.  A shoulder support is fully adjustable made from soft fabric and foam supports, providing comfort for everyday use.  Our shoulder straps are made from neoprene fabric which is the ideal component for compression and heat retention.   We have a choice on slings depending on the level of support required, but both of which support the weight of the arm, relieving the neck of any weight for a comfortable wear.  And finally, a shoulder stabilizer immobilises the shoulder to allow healing after surgery or serious injury.

Common shoulder injuries that would require a support:

Broken collarbone - The collarbone is a long slender bone that runs from the breastbone to each shoulder.  A broken collarbone is synonymous with contact sports following a fall or blow to the shoulder.  It can be extremely painful therefore we recommend a shoulder support or sling during the recovery process which can typically take around 6 - 8 weeks.

Rotator cuff tears -  This is quite a common injury to those who repeatedly perform overhead motions as part of their sports activities or occupations. The rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons that support the shoulder joint which becomes inflamed due to overuse.  Depending on the severity can cause a dull ache, weakness of the arm and difficulty reaching behind your back or overhead. With this type of injury, we suggest using a shoulder stabilizer to keep the joint in place during the healing process.

Shoulder arthritis - Is a painful disease that occurs when the cartilage of the bone wears down over time, meaning the bones of the shoulder joint rub against each other which of course can be aggravated with the simplest of daily activities.  In this case, we recommend using a shoulder strap for warmth and compression or a shoulder sling to reduce weight to the area.

Further shoulder pain relief:

A tried and tested way of alleviating shoulder pain is to follow the RICE technique:

Rest - Listen to your body if you are in pain and take some time to rest.

Ice - Apply an ice pack or freeze spray to the affected area for at least 15 minutes to reduce and inflammation.

Compression - Use a shoulder support for comfort, neoprene is especially good for this.

Elevation - Where possible raise the affected shoulder to or above the level of your heart.  This reduces pain and throbbing.