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What do I need in a First Aid Kit?

Playing sport has many benefits, but when it doesn’t go to plan and injury strikes, we reach for a first aid kit, quite often there will be little time to treat the injury at hand so a well organised and well stocked first aid kit is essential.

Firstaid4sport Team Sports First Aid Kit

A common question is what exactly you need in your first aid kit. Whether your treating a scuff, a sprain or tear its bets to be prepared and with the variety of injuries you may have to treat having the right equipment is vital.

So, with that in mind here is our guide of what essential items are need in a first aid kit and what first aid kits are available.

What are First Aid Kit essentials?

A well-stocked first aid kit should cater to the majority of common sporting injuries; therefore, we have compiled a list of recommended essential items for your first aid kit.

Essential Items:

However, your first aid kit may vary dependant on what sport you are preparing for. As a first aid kit for boxing may stock more nasal sponges, eye washes and sterile wipes whereas a first aid kit for rugby may stock more bandages, ice packs and tape.

As well as what the items inside the organisation of your first aid kit is equally important, so here are some tips of how to ensure your kit is ready for match days.

  • Keep the first aid kit easily accessible, but out of the reach of children and untrained team members. Our bags are bright orange meaning they are always easy to find in a busy changing room.
  • Keep it well organised so you know exactly were important items are.
  • Stock a realistic quantity.
  • Carry out regular checks to ensure all products are in working order and in date.
  • Replace stock when used.
  • Only stock good quality, approved products.

What type of First Aid Kits are available?

Personal First Aid Kits 

For those with little or no first aid experience who require individual basic essentials.

Essential First Aid Kit 

For those who manage a small team. None of the products included in this kit requires any formal first aid training.

Team First Aid Kit 

An intermediate level kit for those with some first aid knowledge eg an HSE appointed person or those who have attended an emergency first aid course.

Advanced First Aid Kit 

For those who have a recognised first aid qualification or medical professional who can use the equipment safely. This kit includes items that are injury specific so medical knowledge is essential.

Pro Large First Aid Kit 

A professional level kit for those with recognised qualifications who look after large teams.

Pitchside First Aid Kit 

A professional level kit providing faster access to essential items for treating an injury on the field.

Full Season Team First Aid Kit 

Take the stress out of re-stocking with this season starter kit, packed with all the essentials for professional level care.

Firstaid4sport Full Season Team First Aid and Taping Kit

Here at Firstaid4sport we stock a range of ready to go first aid kits including sport specific kits, so there’s no need to shop around to build your kit, we’ve done the work for you.

Alternatively, we stock each item individual so if you want to build your kit piece by piece or restock your kit we have you covered.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Or perhaps your team has grown and you need a little advice with increasing your first aid kit? Then just give our friendly customer services a call on 01522 875252 who are more than happy to help.

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