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Zinc Oxide Tape

Here at Firstaid4sport, we offer a wide range of Zinc Oxide Tape including Training Zinc Oxide, Firstaid4sport Zinc Oxide Tape (we liked these ones so much we put our name on it), Leukotape, and Mueller Tape, so you can be sure we've got you covered whatever your needs on the pitch, in the ring or on the field!


If you are looking for a little extra with this tape then take a look at our Pre Tape Spray and adhesives from our Grip Enhancers range to help the glue last the distance.



Zinc Oxide Tape is a non stretch cotton or rayon tape with a zinc oxide adhesive. It is perfect to prevent injuries, protect wounds and helps cuts and scrapes heal quicker.


Our Training Zinc Oxide is a single use, “one hit wonder” tape, great for training and made from 100% quality cotton. Perhaps the more basic of our tapes, but it will not disappoint and comes in at an excellent price.

Moving up a level is the Firstaid4sport Zinc Oxide Tape , it has a stronger adhesive and is available in a choice of team colours, it has a smooth unwind and serrated edges to make it easy to hand tear.

And finally, arguably the strongest of all in terms of adhesive, we have a selection of Mueller M-Tape and Leukotape and P-Tape (Premium Zinc Oxide). All of which are extremely durable and fully supportive, ready for the match ahead!

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