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Foxseal Vented Chest Seal

Foxseal Vented Chest Seal

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This specialist vented chest seal dressing will provide a secure and airtight seal over an open chest wound while allowing controlled ventilation

  • Provide immediate response to treat open chest wounds – vented chest seals are typically used to treat a sucking chest wound also known as a tension pneumothorax
  • Prevent air and fluid buildup in patients chest cavity - with 512 venting pathways, this vented chest seal helps to maintain optimal lung function and remains effective even if creased
  • Enhances chances of recovery, this chest seal could help stabilise a casualty before receiving professional medical attention
  • Secure airtight seal – the specialist hydrogel based adhesion forms a solid seal that will remain securely in place while keeping out contaminants
  • Fast and versatile wound application on flat and curved areas of the body - 360° application system ensures quick and effective wound care can be given on any angle in critical moments
  • Easy grip re-seal tab allows you to make necessary adjustments or apply decompression without need to apply a new dressing
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AEC8411 - Foxseal Vented Chest Seal Dressing

Description Foxseal Vented Chest Seal
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