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At Firstaid4sport we believe no matter what size club you are a part of, you should have access to the same high quality first aid equipment, whether it be a local village pub team, or the Premiership Football League. You may not have heard of our club accounts (although I can’t think of a reason why not) if you haven’t then here are just a few of the reasons why you should get signed up today (there are many, many reasons!)

First perk, and probably the one that you will be most excited about, the prices. We offer up to a 30% discount on our consumable items (and we know how you get through tape), so you can continue to order from our website as you normally do, but for less, win, win.

Price isn’t everything, but it is important. We understand how clubs work, and the budget constraints that have to be adhered to, that is why we do not set a minimum order value. We do not entice you to buy massive quantities for a bigger discount, we offer you our best price whether you buy one case, or one hundred cases. This means that you can spread your ordering out over the season, no need to blow the budget on the first order.

We don’t tie you into a contract, buy as much or as little as often as you like, (we won’t be offended) we understand that first aid equipment is important to have, but we all hope that we don’t have to use it all too often!

Communication. Within clubs of any size, communication is always a challenge, that is why we have the very useful feature of being able to add multiple contacts and roles to the account. So if you wish to allow up to 5 people within your club to have the ability to place orders, but wish for the club treasurer (or other nominated contact) to be contacted before order processing, that is not a problem and we can arrange for that to happen for you, just make them your primary contact and let us know. Helping to keep individuals in the loop for club spending and on top of finances overall. This saves any crossed wires or missed communication with who is ordering what. It also means that different contacts can order for different teams within a club and this will be easy to identify upon delivery.

We offer credit terms to our club customers, this means that you can order equipment when you need it, and pay on your standard, monthly, payment run.

It’s easy to apply for a club account!