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Foil Heat Space Blanket

Foil Heat Space Blanket

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What is a Foil Blanket?

Disposable aluminium foil emergency blanket. Retains over 90 percent of the heat given out by your body. Comes compactly packaged and is ideal for any outdoor sports where hypothermia is a hazard.

When Should I use a Foil Blanket?

Rescue blanket for First Aid, Emergencies, Protection, Adverse Weather. During the winter months heat loss can occur when sitting or lying on the ground. Use a second heat blanket under the patient or wrap one around the lower body (legs and waist) and the second around their torso, trying to cover the area that suffers from the most heat loss, their head.

Should not be exposed to direct flame. If nicked or punctured replace immediately. Single use. Not suitable for use with small children and infants.

Why this Foil Blanket?

At FirstAid4Sport we have, on occasion, used other foil blankets on the market, which is why when we designed our own we increased the size of it. Other blankets do not have enough length to be held by both hands and wrap around the upper body and come any further down than just below the shoulders, ours is a lot larger, and longer to cover more of the body with a single blanket - but its always ideal to use two.

What else do I need in my First Aid Kit?

We have designed and manufacture all our own first aid kits on site and over the years have created a range of Sports First Aid Kits specifically for sporting situations. We concentrate on the major contact sports and add in specific items we deep useful for the kind of injuries commonly occuring in Football, Hockey, Rugby, Netball, Cricket and Boxing.

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KX8368S - Foil Heat Space Blanket

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