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AlfaSilver Wound Treatment Spray

AlfaSilver Wound Treatment Spray

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With the removal of Iodine based treatments, AlfaSilver is a fantastic alternative for covering and protecting broken skin.

  • With antibacterial silver ions
  • Treats minor injuries on the go
  • It covers the cut or graze with a breathable barrier
  • Speeds healing of cuts, grazes, minor burns and blisters
  • Suitable spray format for difficult-to-reach places

AlfaSilver Wound Treatment Spray is used for wounds, abrasions, minor burns, skin cuts, etc. It allows the control of oozing by creating a clean and moist environment that facilitates the natural healing process, keeping the area protected from the proliferation of exogenous microbial growth. The presence of silver ions prevents microbial contamination of the device. It remains on the treated area, does not rub off, and is easily removed with the use of a saline spray.

If necessary, ensure that AlfaSilver Wound Treatment Spray stays on the wound with sterile gauze or with a breathable bandage.

1 x aerosol spray 100ml

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KX5488 - AlfaSilver Wound Treatment Spray

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