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Solid Chalk Block (2oz)

Solid Chalk Block (2oz)

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Enhance Your Performance with FirstAid4Sport Solid Chalk Block

  • Stay Clear From Moisture and Sweat: Ensures a reliable grip, even in the most challenging conditions
  • Long-Lasting: The generous 2oz block offers extended use, so you can train without interruption
  • Unmatched Grip and Control: Our chalk block ensures a superior grip, allowing you to stay in control during high-intensity sports activities
  • Adaptability for Various Sports: Whether you're a weightlifter, climber, gymnast, or CrossFit enthusiast, our chalk block has you covered
  • Options to Suit Your Needs: Customize your chalk supply. Choose from single 2oz blocks, convenient 2-packs, or boxes of 8 blocks. Save up to 28% when you buy in bulk
  • FirstAid4Sport Solid Chalk Block (2oz) is the secret weapon you need for enhanced grip, stability, and confidence during your workouts and climbs. Elevate your game and reach new heights of success – order now!

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KX3521 - Solid Chalk Block (2oz) - 1

Pack Qty 1 Block
1+ £1.45

KX3522 - Solid Chalk Block (2oz) - 8 Blocks

Pack Qty 8 Blocks
1+ £8.30

KX3523 - Solid Chalk Block (2oz) - 2

Pack Qty 2 Blocks
1+ £2.10