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Celox Haemostatic Applicator

Celox Haemostatic Applicator

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Life saving tool that can be quickly applied in small entry wounds to form a robust clot to stop severe bleeding

  • Stop bleeding through small entry wounds - Celox Applicator's unique design allows you to deliver Celox granules directly to the bleeding site
  • Effective solution for treating difficult, penetrating trauma wounds, such as knife, gunshot, or shrapnel wounds
  • Rapid haemostatic application system that ensures wounds are treated promptly
  • Pre-filled applicator with 6g of Celox granules
  • Effective on severe wounds where traditional methods may fall short
  • Lifesaving blood clotting agent, these granules form a robust clot in just 30 seconds
  • Effective even in strong blood flows the granules quickly swell and stick together to stop blood loss
  • Suitable for irregularly shaped wounds and multiple injuries
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AEC8547 - Celox Haemostatic Applicator

Description Celox Haemostatic Applicator
Pack Qty 1 x Applicator
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