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CODE RED Emergency Tourniquet

CODE RED Emergency Tourniquet

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A robust, lightweight and easy to apply tourniquet to stop excessive bleeding from injured limbs

  • An emergency haemorrhage control device that applies pressure to stop excessive bleeding from catastrophic limb injuries
  • The robust nylon webbing is sewn with high strength Kevlar thread and tested to withstand 1000kg of tension
  • The aluminium buckle and windlass retaining arms are tested to tolerate stresses up to 500kg, but keep the tourniquet light and portable
  • Glass-fibre reinforced plastic windlass provides the high pressure required to occlude blood flow and stand up to the rigorous demands placed on it
  • Round, high-visibility tab easily guides the strap into the buckle, saving time in an emergency
  • Integrated time band allows for recording the time the tourniquet is applied (marker pen supplied with product), which is vital information for paramedics and when the patient reaches the hospital
  • The Health and Safety Executive state, following a risk assessment: “First aid provision must be 'adequate and appropriate in the circumstances'. This means that you must provide sufficient first aid equipment (first aid kit), facilities and personnel at all times”

Workplaces, premises, facilities or sites with any hazards such as machinery, equipment, sharp or moving objects which could cause critical injuries such as major bleeding must have first aid provision to treat them. The simple and small investment of adding bleed control products to existing first aid provisions helps bridge the ‘care gap’ and could save lives.

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KX0316 - CODE RED Emergency Tourniquet

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