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Donjoy Playmaker II Wraparound Knee Brace

Donjoy Playmaker II Wraparound Knee Brace

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  • Wraparound design
  • Supportive geared hinges
  • Anti-bunching fabric on the back of the knee
  • 4 strong securing straps

What is the Donjoy Playmaker II Wraparound Knee Brace?

The Donjoy Playmaker II is a new and improved design of the popular Donjoy Playmaker Knee Support. It's improved design boasts more comfort and usability, whilst retaining its key features which made the brace so popular. The Donjoy Playmaker II is a little longer than the standard knee supports on the market, with its long geared hinges running down the inside and outside of the knee. One of the added benefits of the length of these hinges, is the level of offloading support they offer. As the hinges are geared, they are also connected with each other, meaning the weight and pressure that travels through the leg, gets taken on by the hinges, and leaves the knee relieved.

The Donjoy Playmaker II Wraparound Knee Brace caters for its length by having a slightly tapered thigh, which means the top of the product is a bit wider than its main bulk, contouring to your thigh for a supportive but highly comfortable fit. The Wraparound version of the brace is very popular as it is easier to fit if you have mobility issues or other conditions which make pulling knee brace over the lower leg difficult.

With the new and updated design, Donjoy have introduced two new features. Spacer fabric has been added to the front panel to provide padding and improve air flow, whilst the back panel is made from fabric to reduce bunching behind the knee, and increase comfort.

When can I use the Donjoy Playmaker II Wraparound Knee Brace?

As this is a High-Ultimate level of support, the Donjoy Playmaker II Wraparound Knee Brace will cater to higher level injuries, especially to the ligaments, such as the ACL, PCL, MCL and LCL. One of the most common problems with ligament problems, is the weakness the knee can and often does feel. Having and ACL injury may mean your leg hyper-extends during sports, or even day-day activities. Due to the design of the Donjoy Playmaker II's hinges, the do not allow for the knee to go over on itself, collapse, or even twist, so all of the dangerous unnatural movement is stopped, and the regular range of movement the knee should have is not restricted.

Suffers of arthritis may benefit from the Donjoy Playmaker II Wraparound knee support, as the thick, but breathable material will provide a great level of compression around the knee, creating warmth within the knee joint, and preventing swelling. Arthritis is notoriously at it's worst when the problematic joint is cold, allowing the area to seize up and start aching and becoming painful, the Playmaker II will provide the relief as well as the offloading support when walking around, relieving the knee even more.

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