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Rugby Lifting Block

Rugby Lifting Block

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Unleash the Power of Precision Lifts!

What is the Rugby Lifting Block?

The Rugby Lifting Block is your game-changer on the field, designed to enhance your rugby experience in every lineout and kick-off. Discover how this foam block revolutionizes the game:

  • Enhanced Lift Safety: Elevate your team's safety with confidence. Our Rugby Lifting Block provides extra grip during lifts, reducing the risk of accidents
  • Higher Lifts, More Hang-Time: Soar above the competition. The block allows for higher and faster lifts, giving your team a significant advantage, especially during lineouts
  • Customized Fit for Comfort: Stay comfortable and secure. Our blocks conform to your leg shape and are easily secured under your choice of taping or strapping with PVC tape
  • Game-Changing Advantage: Dominate the field with precision lifts. The Rugby Lifting Block empowers your team with unparalleled control and lift height
  • Durability That Lasts: Invest in a tool that stands the test of time. Our blocks are built to endure the rigors of the game, ensuring long-lasting performance
  • Easy Handling and Maintenance: Keep your blocks in top shape. Removing the tape off the foam can tear the block. Remove carefully or cover the block first
  • The Rugby Lifting Block is your ticket to precision, safety, and game-changing lifts. Don't miss out on the advantages it brings to your team. Elevate your rugby experience – order now

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KX6911PK4 - Rugby Lifting Block - 4

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KX6911CS - Rugby Lifting Block - Pack of 366

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