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Leukotape P Zinc Oxide Combi Pack

Leukotape P Zinc Oxide Combi Pack

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What is the Leukoplast P Zinc Oxide Tape?

This premium zinc oxide tape pack is ideal for helping to reduce Patellofemoral pain. When used correctly Patella Taping has a number of benefits such as;

  • Decreasing pain during activities like sport
  • Reducing the risk of knee injuries
  • Helping aid recovery time and getting you back to sports earlier
  • Correcting and stabilising Patella Tracking

The Fixomull Fixing Tape is part of an important pre taping method. It protects the skin from chaffing and friction which can be caused by a tapes adhesive. It also holds the layer of tape in place giving longer lasting taping.

The Premium zinc oxide tape has a high tensile strength and a strong adhesive which will ensure a tape that lasts. It is porous, meaning the skin can breathe and that it does not absorb sweat and water.

What is in the Zinc Oxide Combi Pack?

  • 1 x Fixomull fixing tape
  • 1 x Leukotape P Zinc Oxide
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KXBSN4601 - Leukotape P Zinc Oxide Combi Pack

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