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Trimona Wax Remover wash (250ml)

Trimona Wax Remover wash (250ml)

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What is Trimona Wax Remover Wash Spray?

Trimona Wax Remover Wash Spray is an convenient and easy product to us to remover Trimona Hand Waxes and Resins from skin and clothing with ease, without leaving any residue behind on the area. Trimona Wax Remover comes in a handy pump action applicator that you can carry around in your kit bag.

How do I use the Trimona Wax Remover Wash Spray?

The Trimona Remover Spray is friendly to skin and very easy to use, just spray liberally onto the waxed area, wait up to a minute for the remover to settle into the wax, and then wipe clean with a cloth or tissue. A couple of applications may be required to fully remove the wax/resin.

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KXTR103 - Trimona Wax Remover wash (250ml)

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