Bleed Control Kit

Bleed Control Kit

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In critical situations, blood loss can lead to fatalities within just 5 minutes

Designed to stop catastrophic bleeding, this comprehensive Bleed Control Kit will provide immediate and effective assistance to stop life-threatening bleeding before professional medical services arrive

  • Provide immediate response to stop severe bleeding and enhance chances of recovery, this kit could help stabilise a casualty before receiving medical attention
  • Designed to stop life-threatening bleeding before professional medical services arrive
  • Contains specialist blood loss contents such as an emergency tourniquet and Celox Z-Fold Haemostatic Gauze to temporarily treat deep stab wounds, lacerations, and other accidents resulting in extensive haemorrhaging
  • Prevent air and fluid buildup in patients chest cavity - specialist Foxseal Vented Chest Seal will provide a secure and airtight seal over an open chest wound while allowing controlled ventilation
  • Increase safety in businesses and public areas, ideal for use in dangerous environments such as forestry and areas where heavy machinery is in use
  • Designed with simplicity in mind, this kit can be used by staff or members of the public should an emergency occur

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AEC8425 - Bleed Control Kit

Description Bleed Control Kit
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