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Alcohol Free Wound Cleansing Wipes

Alcohol Free Wound Cleansing Wipes

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An Essential First Aid Refill Item

    Alcohol-Free Cleansing wipes are recommended within the HSE’s minimum first aid kit contents and are often one of the fastest items to run out in first aid supplies. Stocking up with a box of wipes is a simple and cost-effective way of ensuring you always have sufficient stocks of this first aid staple.

    • Effective Cleaning – Ideal for pre-dressing and cleaning of areas around grazes, wounds and cuts, promoting faster healing by maintaining an infection-free wound environment.
    • Gentle Alcohol-Free Formula – confidently clean the area around wounds without causing further discomfort, even for young children and sensitive skin types.
    • Compact and Portable – wipes are folded into packs which measure just 75x50mm, which easily fit into any first aid kit or pocket and are easy to top up existing supplies with.
    • Easy tear packaging enables quick use in an emergency.
    • Sterile Wrapped – Each box contains 100 sterile-wrapped wipes for maximum hygiene.
    • Generous Wipe Size – Each wipe measures 200 x 105mm, ensuring thorough cleaning and coverage.
    • Supplied In Dispenser Boxes of 100 to decant into first aid kits, handbags, and backpacks, or kept as part of central first aid supplies in their own right. Stock up today!
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KX5478 - Alcohol Free Wound Cleansing Wipes - 100

Pack Qty 100 Wipes
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