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Bleed Injury Refill Kit

Bleed Injury Refill Kit

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Add To Your First Aid Kit To Tackle Heavier Bleeding Injuries

During sporting activities, particularly in high-impact sports severe bleeding or trauma injuries can occur suddenly. Having suitable medical equipment readily available to swiftly address such critical situations is essential. The bleed injury refill kit contains products specifically designed to handle such injuries

Add to your existing sports first aid kit, to ensure you're equipped to tackle any unexpected bleeding emergencies during your sports

  • Trauma Dressings: Thicker and more robust than regular dressings to help absorb heavy bleeding. The dressing contains a super-absorbent pad that can hold more than double its weight in fluids, safeguarding the wound from contaminants
  • CODE RED Emergency Tourniquet: Easy to apply tool used to stop excessive bleeding from injured limbs. Tested to withstand up to 1000kg of tension. The buckle and retaining arms tolerate stresses of up to 500kg, while keeping the tourniquet light and portable
  • Haemostatic Dressing: These wound Dressings utilise a gel matrix that keeps wounds clean and dry, while also promoting quicker haemostasis, minimising blood loss and expediting the healing process. The haemostatic dressing should be used in conjunction with applying pressure to a bleed injury
  • Foam Eurosplint: The splint can be shaped to suit the injured part of the body, making for a versatile product that can be used to immobilise broken bones and sprain injuries
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KX0749 - Bleed Injury Refill Kit

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