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AED Rescue Ready Prep Kit

AED Rescue Ready Prep Kit

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Ensure you can quickly respond to any cardiac emergencies with our portable AED prep kit.

This durable, water-resistant carry case provides a neat storage container for your essential AED supplies to be used in conjunction with your defibrillator should an emergency occur.

  • Ensure your essential AED supplies are easily identifiable and stored neatly
  • Designed for use in conjunction with a defibrillator, to ensure a quick and effective response in emergency situations
  • Stay compliant with guidance by keeping supplies of protective gloves, safety razors, pocket masks/face shields and dry wipes on-site so that the defibrillator is not left unusable
  • Durable water-resistant box with strong clip closure to protect the contents
  • Ensure you can quickly prepare the casualty's chest prior to attaching AED Pads using the provided razor and disposable towel, allowing for a better connection and increased efficacy
  • Pocket mask offers protection from cross-infection, reducing the risk of infection transmission while providing rescue breaths
  • Compact carry case that can easily be transported
  • Dimensions: L 20cm x W 20.5cm x D 6.5cm
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KX0718 - AED Prep Kit in Large Compact Aura

Description AED Rescue Ready Prep Kit
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