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Defibrillator Inspection Tag Kit

Defibrillator Inspection Tag Kit

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Maintain the safety and reliability of your AED with our Defibrillator Inspection Tag Kit

These simple, write-on inspection tags provide you with a quick and easy solution to record your defibrillator maintenance checks.

  • Quick and easy way to record defibrillator maintenance checks
  • Simple way to track battery and defibrillator pad expiry dates
  • Ensure your life-saving equipment is always in optimal condition ready for use in an emergency
  • Stay compliant with Department for Education (DfE) and BHF guidance by implementing a routine AED maintenance procedure
  • Secure attachment, simply thread the supplied tamper ties through the pre-punched hole and attach to your defibrillator
  • Tamper ties act as a visible deterrent to protect your AED from vandalism but can be easily released in an emergency
  • Easy to write on with a permanent marker to ensure checks are clearly recorded
  • Durable tear resistant material suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Tag dimensions – 130mm x 85mm
  • Kit includes: 10 x Defibrillator Inspection Tags and 10 x Tamper Ties
  • Can be easily attached to the Mediana Hearton AED A15 external carry case and other defibrillators in our range

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KX0720 - Defibrillator Inspection Tag Kit

Description Defibrillator Inspection Tag Kit
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