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Mueller Cold Therapy Ankle Brace

Mueller Cold Therapy Ankle Brace

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This Ankle Brace is state-of-the-art and provides maximum support for injured ankles.

This extremely light, adjustable ankle brace helps prevent inversion sprains without restricting movement.

The upper chamber is air filled and conforms to the calf. The lower chamber is gel filled to mold to the ankle and functions as the ultimate support cushion and as a high performance cold therapy system.

Easily removed gel pads can be placed in the freezer or on ice for cold therapy treatment to an injured ankle.

Semi rigid shells of high impact resistant material forms the exterior of the ankle brace and are contoured for both comfort and support.

Fits either ankle. One size fits all.

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KXMU4556 - Mueller Cold Therapy Ankle Brace

Description Wraparound, Rigid
Size One Size
Type High Support
Side Universal
1+ £34.55