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Small Therapy Wrap with 2 Small Hot/Cold Packs

Small Therapy Wrap with 2 Small Hot/Cold Packs

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  • 2 x Gel Packs 12x15cm
  • Neoprene wrap, 43cm length
  • Elastic strap, 37cm
  • Ankle, wrist, knee, elbow

Mueller reusable cold/hot therapy wrap is ideal for the application of cold or hot therapy to small body parts or limbs. Adjustable ends and the pack pocket are in an "H" shape while the velcro detachable extension strap can help secure the therapy wrap in place.

The small wrap holds one 12cms x 15cms reusable cold/hot pack and comes with a spare pack so you can use one and be cooling the other in the freezer. It is the ideal size for an ankle, wrist or a small, more targeted area of the knee, lower leg and arms.

The pouch size is slightly bigger than the Reusable Gel Pack of 12 x 15cm and has a velcro tab at the top securing it in place, while the size of the neoprene wrap is 17 inches or 43cm from end to end and the velcro fastenings on either tip can adhere to anywhere on the whole wrap. The elasticated extension strap is 14 1/2 inches or 37cm long, unstretched, and has the hook velcro on either end facing the same direction.

Cold use: Place the Hot/Cold Pack in the freezer at least 1-2 hours before use. Place the gel pack in the wrap or at least cover before applying to skin, Gel stays flexible even when frozen.

Hot use: You can either boil (best heating method) or place in the microwave. Boil 3/4 litre and remove from heat, place the gel pack in the water for 5 minutes if at room temperature, but for no more than 8 minutes. Remove from the water, dry and cover before applying to the skin.

To microwave, place the gel pack in a microwavable container and cover with water (Never heat in microwave without the water, dry heat may damage the pack and overheat the gel). Heat in the microwave for 2 minutes (time may vary due to wattage), remove from container and test the heat, for additional heat, microwave in 10-15 second intervals. Dry and cover or place in wrap to apply to the affected area. Watch the Hot/COld Gel Pack while heating, if the pack starts to expand, turn off microwave and leave to cool.

The gel pack should never be applied directly to skin, when cold or warm, and the temperature should always be checked carefully before handling. Please follow the instructions with the pack.

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KXMU330121 - Small Therapy Wrap with 2 Small Hot/Cold Packs

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