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Five steps to prevent back pain

Millions of people in the UK suffer from back pain and it will affect each area of their life from work to playing sport. When back pain strikes people will rest and avoid any unnecessary movement, however, keeping mobile through gentle exercise can be beneficial in preventing and managing back pain. If you regularly suffer from back pain, then these five steps will help you manage the pain but also simultaneously prevent future recurrence of the pain.


Many people who work in an office will be sat at a desk for several hours a day, this can weaken our back so to combat this we recommend stretching to reduce stiffness, improve circulation and mobility. By stretching every day, you can help manage and prevent back pain.


If you are regularly suffering from back pain then building up the strength of your back with gentle and regular exercise you enjoy such as walking, cycling, jogging or swimming. However, if you feel a sudden pain during exercise always be sure to stop to prevent further damage.


Looking for a longer-term solution to manage and prevent back pain then strengthening your back is the solution, building a strong core provides good support for the spine. Similar to starching just taking 5-10 minutes a day to do a few simple exercises using nothing but your body to help strengthen your backs muscles.


A shorter-term solution is using either hot or cold therapy as a method of relieving pain. You can read our full guide of what therapy method you should use on your back. Using heat therapy will help soothe muscle pains and aches, you can view our range of heat therapy products here. Cold therapy will work fast to relive pain and help reduce any swelling and bruising around the affected area, you can shop our range of cold therapy products here.


As mentioned earlier your occupation and lifestyle can be a cause of back pain, if you have a particularly poor posture this will create long term problems for your back. Therefore, maintain a good posture throughout the day when at home or at work will be beneficial to your back in the long run and help prevent future back pain.