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Grip Enhancers - to help you get a grip this winter

So the cold weather is officially with us, but does this stop us enjoying our sport- not a chance! Although it can be a little more taxing running up and down the pitch in the freezing cold, for many of us, leaving practice until the next season is not an option!

Unfortunately, whether we like it or not, the cold weather has an effect on our performance especially where grip is concerned. In sports such as Rugby, Netball, Hockey and Racket Sports where a good firm grip is essential, we find that the rain and the cold can make grip less stable and slippery. Luckily, we have our best solutions to avoid poor grip this winter...


Chalks and Powders

Chalks and powders are ideal for enhancing grip due to the powdered magnesium carbonate they are made up of, allowing them to repel moisture effectively. The use of chalks and powders in sports are also approved for most sports professionals and are the cheapest option for grip enhancing. However, due to their powdery, crumbly nature, these can be very messy to apply and require frequent reapplication to ensure grip stays effective.

Sprays and Gels

Sprays are usually silica based and apply a layer of tacky, water resistant substance to the hands to provide extra grip support. These sprays are so effective that many people use them on their equipment and shoes. Unfortunately these sprays aren’t always allowed in all sports so always check first! Sprays are also generally more expensive than the chalks and powders however may be better value for money as the grip enhancing effects last longer.

So this is the quick low-down on grip enhancers to help get you through this winter without any slips

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