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Kinesiology Taping Guide App

Firstaid4sport and Rocktape bring you the comprehensive guide to Kinesiology taping. This app features kinesiology taping applications suitable for almost every injury, so you can heal faster, train harder, and be at your best. Kinesiology tape is a widely used type of strapping which has a unique level of stretch, and a “wave” patterned adhesive. When applied to the body, kinesiology tape lifts the skin away from the soft tissue beneath allowing better blood flow to the area, and improving drainage. This reduces swelling and inflammation, improves healing and reduces pain. Firstaid4sport have collaborated closely with Rocktape to bring you our amazing guide for free! Watch as the Rocktape team demonstrate 31 different methods for treating injuries with Kinesiology tape using videos and easy to follow step-by-step guides, directly on your iPhone or iPad. Features and capabilities:

  • Browse your injury by body part, from head to toe
  • 31 videos and step-by-step guides on kinesiology taping
  • Taping methods and full, detailed explanations by the Rocktape team

The most comprehensive FREE kinesiology taping guide