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Our sports first aid kits are the best! Find out why.

Welcome to the NEW Firstaid4sport Blog Hello and welcome to the Firstaid4sport Blog where we be discussing all our exploits, and offering advice and guidance on products and injury management First of all, we would like you to get to know more bout Firstaid4sport, what we stand for and what we are all about. That way you know we have your best interests at the heart of all our services. Here is part 1 of our "Getting to know Firstaid4sport" series where we discuss the core of our business - First Aid Kits.   What we do We stock an extensive range of sports first aid kits suitable for all sports including rugby & football for all levels of expertise, and any occasion. We specialize in all sports medical first aid kits, but also have a great range of workplace first aid kits, travel first aid kits and household first aid kits. We also supply all the components for your current first aid kits.   About our Sports First Aid kits Our expertise is in sports first aid. Our sports first aid kits vary depending on the level of first aid knowledge you have, and the specific sport you play. Our basic kits contain your everyday essentials, all of which can be used with little or no first aid training. Our more advanced kits cater for clubs or teams with a wider range of products to treat most sports injuries at the pitch-side. All of Firstaid4sport’s first aid kits have been developed in conjunction with the Sports Medicine Department of Loughborough University, to ensure the kits have the right products.   We also stock all of our kit items individually if you need to top up, or as refills if you need to restock your kit.   Our unique first aid kit bags Our bags are specifically designed for quick and easy access.   When it comes to first aid, the bag is a hugely important (but often overlooked) piece of equipment and we have worked very hard in creating the optimum bag.   The first thing you will notice is that our bags are orange. Yes, this is the Firstaid4sport colour, but there is a reason we picked orange and that is to maximise visibility. It makes it very easy to identify the first aid kit amongst the rest of your team kit, plus it makes it clear that whoever carries the orange bag, is responsible for first aid. Both can save valuable seconds in the event of an injury or emergency.   The bags have also been designed to maximise accessibility, so you can get hold of the equipment you need quickly and easily.   And finally, they are padded and ergonomically designed to keep the contents safe while remaining comfortable to carry around at the pitch-side or sporting event.   HSE and Workplace First Aid Kits Under the HSE First Aid Regulations any employee must have adequate access to a HSE first aid kit in the workplace. These kits can be used in kitchens, workshops, clubhouses and sports facilities.   Other first aid kits We have a wide range of alternative first aid kits in stock so we know that we will suit your first aid needs. These include burns specific first aid kits for your clubhouse kitchens, travel first aid kits for the car, and household first aid kits for the home.   So, as you can probably guess, first aid is our speciality and our sports first aid kits are used by grassroots clubs and elite professionals alike.