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Pain Relief Product Guide

When it comes to treating pain there are multiple options available. So, what are the essential items that teams, clinics or individuals can use to most effectively treat pain. The type of pain relief you need to use is dependant on the type of pain you’re experiencing. However, we do advise you to see a medical professional if you are suffering from any pain. This guide is designed to show products as suggestions to best cope with the symptoms of pain. The two most traditional methods of pain relief are hot and cold therapy, but these injuries can be confused, see our guide of when to use each method and our golden rules.


Firstly, cold therapy provides a cooling and soothing sensation and is best applied to sudden acute injuries to help reduce the amount of bruising, swelling and inflammation. Additionally, cold therapy can also have a numbing effect helping relieve pain. Cold therapy should be used to up to five days following an injury and can also be applied to overuse injury to reduce any inflammation caused by the activity but never used before exercise. We offer a variety of cold therapy products such as single use instant ice pack, reusable ice packs and ice bags with a wrap. We recommend single use instant ice packs for pitch side medical care, but if you find yourself regularly applying cold therapy our reusable packs will be more cost effective. SHOP COLD THERAPY


Heat therapy is used when you are suffering from sore or stiff muscles, the application of heat helps relax and ease the tired muscles. It can also be applied before exercise to help improve mobility and increase joint elasticity by starting the bodies warming up process before the exercise begins. However, remember heat therapy should not be used straight after an activity or applied to any injuries that are too warm to touch. Many of our cold therapy packs can be heated and used for heat therapy, we recommend our Hot/Cold Pack with Sleeve and Strap as it allows you to apply the heat therapy needed with the convenience of having the pack held in place. SHOP HEAT THERAPY


Electrotherapy uses a low voltage electrical current to activate the muscles and nerves, which improves blood flow to the area. Once the blood flow has been increased, the muscles begin to receive the oxygen carrying red blood cells. You can read our full guide on electrotherapy and TENs. Our range of electrotherapy products feature a range of the latest technology from the most reliable and experienced provides of electrotherapy equipment. To invest in electrotherapy does come with a high cost but also a simple to use and dependable source of pain relief. SHOP ELECTROTHERAPY


Some medication can be used to relieve pain. Our range of medication includes paracetamol and Ibuprofen and other inflammatory gels to help sooth the affected area following the injury. SHOP MEDICINES