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Premium Tan Zinc Oxide Tape: All you need to know

Here at Firstaid4sport we sell several types of tape. However, our Premium Tan Zinc Oxide tape is one of our favourites. But if you aren’t aware of what premium zinc oxide tape is, well this guide will show not only what it is but how and why to use it. What is Premium Tan Zin Oxide Tape?

Premium Tan Zinc Oxide tape is our range of Rayon coated sports tape. Rayon is a manmade fibre which is stronger than our standard cotton zinc oxide tapes. The difference can be seen when closely looking at the fibres in the tape, as natural cotton will not be a completely smooth string, there will be bobbles and lumps within the natural length. However, rayon is extruded completely uniform to make a stronger fibre. Why do I need firstaid4sport Premium Tan Tape? The tape has more abilities than standard zinc oxide, thanks to being rayon coated. Its tensile strength increases, and it is more resistant to water and sweat. The rayon coating also helps reduce the friction between the tape and clothing as it has more of a sheen on the material as well as a strong adhesive backing which forms a strong bond to the sin or pre-wrap. Together the rayon material and the adhesive backing make the Premium Tan Zinc Oxide one of the longest lasting tapes in any environment. When to use Premium Tan Zinc Oxide Tape?  Athletes and physiotherapists will use Zinc Oxide tape to strap up injured joints in which a degree of rigidity is required. For example, if an athlete sustains an ankle injury, depending on the technique used, the tape can be used to completely immobilise the joint or it may be used to allow down movement but not side to side movement following a sprain. Premium tan Zinc Oxide tape is primarily used to prevent injuries, protect wounds and help increase recovery time. It will be commonly applied to joints, such as, wrist, knees and ankles. A different use for zinc oxide tape is that it can be used to prevent sore hands or feet during a high friction activity or sport, helping prevent blisters and injuries. You can purchase our Premium Tan Zinc Oxide Tape here. Watch our taping guide below, where our Premium Tan Zinc Oxide Tape is used to protect sprains of the AC joint in the shoulder.