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Sports First Aid Kits

Accidents will happen. Everbody knows that it is important to have a first aid kit handy whether you are at home, at work, on holiday or pursuing a leisure activity. The nature of sports injuries is that they can be minor or very severe. Also the nature of sports injuries is that it is often difficult to distinguish between minor or severe injuries unless you are trained to spot the differences. This means whatever First Aid products are provided there should always be somebody in attendance who is trained to use the First Aid provided. This is not as alarming as it sounds, for example, a junior team may have a Sports First Aid Kit that contains nothing more than you would find in a home First Aid Kit and requires no First Aid Training to use it. For more intensive activity a team may have somebody who has attended an Emergency First Aid short course and the provision of the First Aid should match that training. More senior teams may have a Physiotherapist or Sports Injury trained personel in attendance so a full technical First Aid Kit and emergency equipment may be on hand. It should always be remembered that In the event of an accident or injury the Emergency Services are available to respond, these are the Emergency Professionals and the duty of the First Aid Provider is to administer First Aid that they are trained to administer and understand when to call for professional help. There is one very simple rule to follow - if in any doubt about a Sports Injury call for professional help, call an Ambulance and get the patient to an Accident and Emergency department of a hospital as soon as possible.   At Firstaid4sport we recognised that the level of training is important in determining the content of a kit for Sport and we worked in conjunction with the Sports Medicine Department of Loughborough University to produce a range of Sports First Aid Kits.   Basic First Aid Kit for those with little or no First Aid Knowledge   Intermediate Kit for those with some First Aid Training   Advanced Kit for those with Sports First Aid Training   Pro Kits for the fully trained Physio or Sports Injury professional.