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Donjoy Elastic Knee Support with Strapping

Donjoy Elastic Knee Support with Strapping

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  • Latex free, Neoprene free
  • Keeps knee cap central
  • Very comfortable weave material
  • Plastic splints for added support

What is the Donjoy Elastic Knee Support with Strapping?

The Donjoy Elastic Knee Support with Knee Strapping is a low-medium support level elasticated knee support, with the addition of an elasticated strap that can be wrapped around the knee in a figure of 8, to compensate for injury or damage to the ligaments in the knee. This strap is completely removable and one of the Donjoy Elasticated Knee Support with Strappings main and most popular features. The Donjoy Elastic Knee Support also incorporates low profile plastic stabilising stays to reduce the stress and strain on the knee joint itself. This also prevents the brace from bunching up when moving around.

This product offers a very unique knitted material, completely free from neoprene and latex, but retaining very similar amounts of heat retention, comfort and compression. It is one of FirstAid4Sport's go to products along this range due to its excellent design and external set of straps, which can instantly improve the level of support you might get, but as they are completely removable, it gives the wearer a huge level of customisation.

When can I use the Donjoy Elastic Knee Support With Strapping?

As this product is a low-medium level support, this is excellent for minor knee injuries and problems. One of its most popular uses is for those who suffer badly with swollen, potentially arthritic knees. The reasoning behind this is due to the great level of compression and warmth this product provides to the area. When the Donjoy Elastic Knee Support with Strapping is worn, it still retains elasticity, allowing the user to comfortably pull the product onto the knee, but when it is on, it contracts to a perfect level with the knee joint, providing a huge amount of support and compression, whilst still being a much thinner material than standard Neoprene.

Another great benefit to the Donjoy Elastic Knee Support with Strapping, is the soft silicone patella buttress protrudes nicely to hug the kneecap, doing a very good job at aiding patella tracking. If you feel like your kneecap is unstable, then this would be a great product for you, as this is designed to successfully prevent it from moving around.

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