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5 Common Mistakes Beginners Make At The Gym

#5 – They go in without a workout plan How often have you seen people walking around the gym, not really sure what they are doing? Lifting a couple of weights for a couple of reps and then moving on? A common mistake of beginners hitting the gym for the first time is to have no plan of what they’re doing that day. What exercises? What muscle groups? Including cardio? Beginners workout programmes can be found all over the internet with a simple google search and it’s well worth finding one that works for you before you hit the gym to avoid wasting your time. #4 – No gym induction or free personal training offers Many gyms now come with a few free personal training sessions and a free workout plan at the end of it, yet some people don’t take advantage of this, preferring to go it alone when it comes to the gym and jumping straight in. Bad idea. Without a clear plan as to what you’re doing, be it a 4 week, 6 week or 12 week programme for example, people are far more likely to lose motivation and terminate their membership. Use the personal trainers time and expertise, ask questions, take the induction and get to know the equipment and how to properly use it. Half of working out is getting the right exercises, the right weight, and the right technique, and here personal trainers are great, giving you advice on correct form to reduce injuries, as well as get you the results you want. #3 – No set schedule Progress at the gym is reliant on consistency. A good workout programme that hits all the main muscles groups and allows time for recovery, coupled with consistency in going to the gym and a sound diet leads to results. A common mistake for beginners is simply going to the gym when they feel like it. This is okay to start, but to really see gains you need to include the gym as part of your weekly schedule, much as you would factor in work, social life etc. If you go to the gym every Monday, Wednesday and Friday after work, you have a schedule and are far more likely to stick to it. #2 – Poor diet A poor diet can have tremendous effects on your time at the gym both in terms of energy levels while there, as well as progress you’ll make. It’s a common fact that the majority of your progress in fitness will be done in the kitchen, not the gym. Whether this is weight loss, muscle gain or general fitness, diet is a huge part of an effective fitness regime and definitely should not be overlooked. #1 – Not drinking enough water The human body is made up of 70% water and so good old H20 is pretty important to us! Not drinking enough water, especially when exercising can lead to dehydration, energy loss and a general lack of progress in our fitness goals. The general consensus is around 8 glasses of water a day or 2 litres which will keep you hydrated, with energy, as well as aiding proper digestion and general wellbeing.